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When I was a freshman in high school, I happened upon the most amazing frog. Sure enough, I gave him a kiss and he turned into a handsome prince! Some time passed and there was this incident with a tadpole and well, my junior year we were blessed with a beautiful princess. A short time later we were married, added a little prince to our budding kingdom and lived happily every after!

Did you buy that? No? Well I’m not sure about the “happily ever after” part, but the rest is true. I was a teen mom, he was a teen dad,  we married and today we are in our thirties with two middle schoolers, two cats, and a one very busy black lab/border collie dog named Dobby.

We own a home in Corvallis, Oregon, where Hubby works as a Systems Administrator (or super IT nerd), and I do everything else! (Just kidding!) Really though, a few years back I finished my Bachelor’s degree, published a fiction novel, planned my high school reunion and had shoulder surgery all in the same summer. Then I promptly threw my arms in the air (very gently bad shoulder and all) and proceeded to do nothing but spend time with my kids and remodel our tri-level house that was built in the 70’s and had NEVER been upgraded. (Oh, the stories I have about that!)

I still do the writing thing from time to time, but mostly I do the following:

Mom, wife, homemaker, crafty lady, DIY goddess and RULER OF THE UNIVERSE! (At least mine anyway)

I started this blog because I do SO MANY things that I found myself over-sharing it all on Social networking and friends and family actually started telling me I needed a blog.

So what will you find here? Everything! Or as I like to say: ALL OF THE THINGS!

  •  Mostly you will find feats of DIY and crafty awesomeness!
  • There will be all things homemaker: Amazing food, laundry woes (yes, I sew, but I am not that good at it YET), organizing, decorating and all of the things that go into maintaining a busy household on a budget and making it a home.
  • I spend most of my day with “the pets” so I’m sure they will be posted about “ad nauseum”.
  • Great stories of adventures with my kids and shared frustrations (Both of my kids and I suffer from AD/HD and my son also has a severe anxiety disorder. All this = never a dull moment!)
  • Marriage/relationship stuffs. We have, very seriously, been married FOREVER. No shortage of material there!
  • I may also post about my career woes, thoughts about having another kid, and life in general.

Just a couple last things to know about me and these pages:

  1. I never give up (can’t you tell?). I love to solve problems and I always find a solution, even if I have to beg, borrow or steal (okay, maybe not steal) to make it happen!
  2. My name is Susie. Seriously, I am Susie Homemaker: DIY Goddess.

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