Amazing Frosting! That’s not frosting at all

Working through my backlog of projects this week (I have 12 posts waiting in the queue!)

Here is one of favorite recipes! One container of Cool Whip and one regular sized box of instant pudding = amazing frosting!

Very light and tasty and it holds its shape quite well. I like to keep it in the fridge until served, but unless is sweltering hot; it won’t melt.

This recipe is great because you can add any flavor of pudding you want and it takes food coloring like a dream!

The Cool Whip does take on the color of the pudding, so if you want to add food coloring, I recommend white chocolate or vanilla, or some other white-ish color pudding.

  •  Soften Cool Whip (or other brand of frozen dessert whip) in refrigerator until soft.
  • Empty Cool whip into a mixing bowl.
  • Add desired flavor of instant pudding.
  • Stir or beat with electric mixer until blended.
  • Spread or pipe onto dessert.
  • Serve.

I made those lovelies for my the Teenagers birthday party a few years back. They are just chocolate cupcakes in metallic cupcake cups. Then I added neon food coloring and some cool sprinkles I found. They were a big hit and look awesome! (They have been re-pinned on Pinterest over 50 times! My pin-record to date!)

Cool whip and pudding frosting, strawberries, oreos

Spud’s cake request

This is another cake I made using this frosting recipe. It was a special birthday request from the Spud. He wanted “that yummy frosting you make with strawberries and Oreos.” Gotta love a guy who knows what he wants! I was a bit pressed for time, but it came out pretty good.

Such a good recipe! One of these days I gotta try it with bacon. ;)

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