Bathroom Part 6: More shelves and some color!


At this point I should probably point out that I’m a HUGE Pinterest addict. I have WAY too many boards and I spend an unhealthy amount of time pinning stuff. I even have the app on my phone and fall asleep most nights, still pinning stuff… For this project I had TONS of ideas for decor, I even printed a bunch of them off and created an idea book to help me visualize it all.

Thanks Pinterest! We love you!

The Lack Shelves

These shelves also came in our Ikea order (shelves above the toilet idea came off Pinterest). We had to trim about 10 inches off them to make them fit the space (which was a HUGE pain only because of the shape of the groove on the back side made it so that we had to hollow out the back side of them to get them mounted). It took us about 3 days to FINALLY get them put up, but that was mostly because Hubby was back at work and I needed his help to get them installed (I’m short… and have a bad shoulder… and couldn’t get a ladder in there around the toilet…) Once they were up, though, they look amazing and are more sturdy than I thought they would be.

Floating lack shelves above the toilet

Hardware (took a whole day)

The first day with Hubby gone I took some time and started moving us back into the bathroom. I installed the toilet paper roll holder, the towel rack (hubby had already done the new shower curtain rod), I put all the faceplates back on the light switches.

Cool towel bar, also from Ikea

The Circles

I also started in on those circles you can see in the first photo. I found the idea for those on Pinterest (of course!) and I’ve been keeping it a secret…. but I just dipped a toilet paper roll in paint and used it to “stamp” the wall. I’m still touching it up (I’ve many talents, but a steady hand is not one of them…) but it was pretty easy and we get lots of compliments on them.

Theme and Shower Curtain

The truth is, I had a SUPER hard time picking paint colors and a theme for this bathroom. If you remember in the before photos of this bathroom I had a dark blue shower curtain with little stars all over it. That was the very first shower curtain I ever bought and it is the only one we’ve used in almost 14 years. It was IMPOSSIBLE to replace (and I had TRIED), but I was resolved that it was time a for a change.

Before of Bathroom with, much loved, star shower curtain

I must have looked at thousands of shower curtains, both online and in stores. I guess I am just picky, plus I didn’t want to do blue (wanted a new color), red (my main floor and kitchen are accented red), browns (our downstairs IS brown), or sea foam green (Just not a fan.). I also didn’t want to do anything remotely nautical (shells, boats, beach. It just seems overdone to me and we are not “ocean” people anyway). One last requirement was that it not be too feminine (and MOST bathroom decor is!) We have no master bath and while the Teenager and I would enjoy a shower curtain covered in vintage make-up bottles or pretty flowers; we share this bathroom with Hubby and a soon-to-be teenage boy. A non-femmy theme only seemed appropriate.

So what I ended up, somewhat reluctantly, getting was this ombre style curtain.

Ombre Shower curtain

It has some nice grays, plum and yellows. I don’t LOVE it as much as I did the stars, but it is slowly growing on me. Once I found this I was able to pick out the grays (that often look lavender to me) wall paints and from there it all FINALLY started coming together.

Wall Art

There are so many great bathroom art ideas on Pinterest and I ended up combining a few to make a unique space we could all enjoy (We are all huge Doctor Who fans, especially the kids). So I combined some free images I found on the internet with text and such in Microsoft Publisher (my favorite program ever!) and created, printed, framed and hung the following (I also learned it is SUPER hard to take photos of things behind glass without getting reflections in them. Please excuse my reflections or sloppy attempts to edit them out):

    20140909_120517Exfoliate Doctor Who bathroom art

They each contain a message you’d see on a more traditional bathroom sign/art (brush, floss, wash your hands), but with a fun/amusing twist! The Hubby and kids love these and we get tons of compliments!


As you’ve probably noticed our bathroom was looking a bit … monochromatic? Even all my towels are white! (I buy them for cheap at Costco and I LOVE that I can bleach them, but when I moved them into the new bathroom … I suddenly wished I could bleach colored towels LOL!) Ironically, I am all about the COLOR! So next up was brightening things up a bit. Fortunately, just moving some of our stuff back into the bathroom helped a bit:

  Bathroom accents

I sewed together a quick window treatment (took about 3 hours). It is mostly white, but the dark purple piece makes it pop!

Then I made this soap dispenser with a mason jar and lid, sharpies, some “frosted glass” clear coat, and a can of black spray paint (tutorial in a later post)

Mason jar soap pump colored with sharpie

This lovely jewelry stand came with an all white dress, but I had too much white already so I added some of the purple fabric left over from the curtain to make her stand out. I also found this “glass cutting board” at Dollar tree, added some sharpie and frosted glass coating to make a cute little jewelry tray. The Spud is a bit of a rock hound and offered up that beautiful geode to help pull things together too. Functional and beautiful!

DIY bathroom decor

I dug through all my craft stuff and my vases and but together these two lovelies.


I know I said we’re not “ocean people”, but I have a weird obsession with glass floats… So this got added to the top shelf above the toilet. (I used to use it as a centerpiece on my dining table, but when little kids come over they have to touch them all and pick them up and… So until I find a better spot or way to display them, they have a “safe home”)

glass float bathroom decor   

After that I was out of “on hand” stuff/ideas for the bathroom so I grabbed up some baskets I had lying around and found a few more at Dollar Tree and spruced them up a bit!

I am THE MASTER of finding things to paint and ways to paint them… I painted these baskets using my own special blend of Polycrylic and food coloring. I LOVE these ombre style baskets and applying the Polycrylic actually strengthened the fibers and made these flimsy Dollar Tree baskets: hard as a rock!

Toilet paper storage

I love this one and the Teenager wouldn’t stop gushing over it. Sometimes I catch her in the bathroom just touching it LOL!

Bathroom washrag storage basket

A bright little place to store extra hand towels and washrags. Guests won’t have any trouble finding them either!

Bathroom storage basket

This one is just lovely!

And look! It is hiding all my touch-up stuff until I finish the touch ups!

We also NEEDED a trash can and a laundry hamper. I couldn’t stand the thought of putting our old worn plain ones back in the bathroom so I went on the prowl for something new and bright! I made this white plastic trash can colorful with the sharpies and some more of that frosted clear coat. This laundry basket was a cute find at Bi-mart and it is tempting to make it ombre like the other baskets, but I just can’t bring myself to do it. If anything I may update the cloth liner to something a bit more colorful, but for now I like it enough as it is.


They could be better, but they work for now and I “like ” them. :)I have a few more baskets and decor ideas in the works, but that is all for now!


Ombre Doctor Who bathroom


WHEW! We all love our new ombre Doctor Who bathroom!!

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