Happy Friday: Things That Made Me Smile This Week! #6

Happy Black Friday everyone!

No, I’m not out shopping today. In fact, I’m enjoying a much needed break today. In the past few weeks I’ve built 15 Advent Calendars, printed, cut, folded and glued together 375 little boxes and hosted 4 separate decorating events. The last of which was at my family Thanksgiving dinner last night. I am BEAT! WHEW!

However, it was totally worth it and I have lots of smiles to share!

Project Inspirations

I’ve been so busy I’ve not seen many of these, but I did find one worth sharing!

Cookie cutter board

Cookie cutters displayed and organized on a cork board.

I LOVE storing and organizing things in such a way that they can be displayed. Really, it is fast becoming my decorating method of choice LOL! This is such a great idea (if only I had the space!)

DIY gate

Such a cool idea for a pet or baby gate! As someone who is often keeping little ones of varying fuzziness levels contained, I may just use this one! Thanks to The Kim Six Fix DIY Blog! What a great idea!

Random Finds

Jar measuring cups  jar measuring

What Happy Friday post would be complete without at least one jar? This one is awesome AND functional. The separated pieces are measuring cups! Would look amazing on my new kitchen shelf ;) I bet I could make one of these in the color of my choice too…

pretty speaker

Beautiful decorative speaker!

Confession: I’ve found a new website I’m a bit addicted to called Touch of Modern. Sadly, it is mostly “dude stuff”, but there are some amazing and beautiful looking gadgets on there. Not to mention, geeky and dude-ish artwork that I wouldn’t be ashamed to hang in my house… Beauty and function: my bread and butter!

stairs with shelves

We all know I have a thing for shelves and drawers. I don’t know what it is, but I find the right ones are just magical, like exploring them will be an adventure. I really love these gorgeous and functional stairs!

Projects and Evolutions

Sushi rolling mat

My DIY sushi rolling mat!

I made that ;)

For one of my calendar events, I decided to make a mountain of California rolls. I’ve been meaning to invest in a rolling mat and this seemed like an opportune time. However, as often happens… after shopping around, I decided it would just be cheaper/easier to make one myself! Some skewers, a bit of embroidery floss and some Gorilla glue later, and I have my very own sushi rolling mat!

Shortbread cookies

Now that I have an awesome new mixer, I’ve been on a cooking and baking binge. I am happy to report that after 13+ years of marriage, I’ve finally discovered “something sweet” that Hubby likes: Shortbread cookies!

I swear, I’ve made 3 batches of these already and while they are easy to make, I’m amazed by how delicate and difficult the dough is to work with: It just falls apart at the slightest touch… I learned that the hard way though: the first batch I made were stars… it took me an hour to get them all onto the cookie sheet with all their little points intact. The hearts were a lot easier, but I am still experimenting. I’ll let you know when I find the perfect yet attractive shape for shortbread cookies ;)


heater hog

My silly puppy keeping me company while I build calendars.

We had a week of below freezing temps and this heater saved the day! However, it took this guy all of 3 minutes to figure out that there was a “warm spot” over here… In fact, he is so smart, that after a day or two, if we went out to the garage and I didn’t immediately turn on the heater: he would sit in front of it and make little whiny noises at me until I turned it on … SO SMART! And what a BUTT! Oh, and then he would proceed to plant himself right IN FRONT of it and hog all the heat! ROFL!

cats and boxes

My girl (and a couple cats) helping me glue together little boxes. She is a “box squeezer”(once they were glued she’d give them a little squeeze and then they’d dry a bit bowed. I kept telling her not to, but she just couldn’t resist!), but I love her anyway and appreciate all her help!

multi-tasking girl

My girl being helpful again by occupying a little one during one of the calendar decorating events. I love this because she is even multi-tasking: holding the baby AND eating! She is turning 14 in a few weeks and it is good to know those babysitting/mommy skills were inherited ;)

Advent calendars

7 calendars complete with backing and ready to be sanded and finished! These were for my biggest event and having them all complete was SUCH A GREAT FEELING!! GO ME!!


All my wonderful ladies and their beautiful calendars!

This was SO FUN! I need to think of something just as cool (but perhaps not as time consuming…) for next year!

little bro little box

Last, but not least: my little brother and THE box he decorated at our family event. I am #5 of 6 kids in my family and this guy is the only one younger than me and the one closest in age to me. He’s been away in the Air Force for the last few years and has been MISSED. Getting this photo, alone has made all the calendar madness totally worth it! Love you bro! So glad you are back!

Happy Friday: Things That Made Me Smile This Week #5

Happy Friday everyone! I know I am a couple weeks behind on these posts, but it has been BUSY! So many awesome things to share! Let’s get to it!

Project Inspirations

Tissue holder

Such a cool idea to use glass cylinder vase to hold the extra TP. Perhaps this would look amazing in my new bathroom?

Kitty bed

I am always looking for ways to make the cats feel comfy. Not to mention ways to keep them off certain furniture and every single piece of clothing that gets left around the house. Such a great idea!

Tool box stool

A tool box stool! I think there may be an upgrade for “MY box” in the future…

Random Finds

Drawers in the floor shelves

Because no Happy Friday would be complete without some awesome shelves!

Drawer steps

And some amazing drawers!

Project Evolutions

Slide out trash and recycle

I DID IT! After tears, much frustration, loud banging, several exhausted nights, and a bit of Hubby’s help I FINALLY have a slide out trash bin with recycle bag and paper bag storage! Tonight Hubby and I will put the front on it and it will be done! Full post with tutorial coming soon!

Advent calendars Advent calendar

This project is what has been keeping me so busy! Instead of getting all my girlfriends together to decorate cookies, I thought I would share my DIY skills and make everyone an advent calendar! I have several days planned where ladies are coming over to decorate them and the little boxes that go inside. I’ve been hard at work and they are coming out wonderfully!

100 little boxes

So many little boxes! I’ve created a template and printed onto cardstock, cut out, folded and glued together over 150 of these little pretties. This photo has about 100. Whew! Only about 250 more to go!


Pumpkin hunting

Picking out pumpkins with my kiddos (they’ve gotten a bit old for the pumpkin patch…).

Stuck on the pumpkin Pumpkin brains!

Carving pumpkins with my kiddos! I taped the teenager to her pumpkin while helping her with her stencil and pumpkin brains are always good for the best grossed out faces!


They came out pretty good too.

Left to right: Spud, Teenager, mine, and Hubby’s.

The pretty mixer

I finally got my new mixer! Hubby and I gathered the kids in the kitchen (not that we all fit…) for the inaugural launch of this beauty. Our first recipe? Make-ahead bacon breakfast biscuits! I’ve got a beautiful glass bowl coming for it, but it will probably end up under the tree so I have something to unwrap (this is my Christmas AND birthday present this year and I couldn’t be happier!)

Happy Friday hair

Last, but not least: Happy Friday morning hair! It takes talent to roll out of bed looking this beautiful, but I do it with style, grace and lots of little painful noises. It’s hard work being a Goddess!

That’s all I got! Happy Friday!

Happy Friday: Things That Made Me Smile This Week #4

Happy Friday everyone! It has been such a busy and trying week, but I have lots to share!


Project Inspirations

Firewood box2 Firewood box

With winter coming on, this idea got me excited. Such a cool firewood storage box with a cubby on top to store paper and kindling. Looks like it would be a pretty simple build too!


Set a QR code for your Wi-Fi password.

It is hard to remember sometimes, what with all the DIY building and Susie Homemakering and such, but Hubby is a HUGE IT nerd and we are a house full of techies. Hubby is amazing and we actually have a network set up just for Wi-Fi to the computers and another just for Wi-Fi to everyones phones. Too bad I can never remember the password when guest come calling… This is a GENIUS idea!! I will have to get Hubby on it ASAP! ;)


I LOVE this! Bar in a computer cabinet: WANT!

I imagine when you close the doors it just looks like a nice cabinet with wine storage at the bottom. Perhaps a birthday or anniversary gift for the Hubby someday?

Random Finds

Eat like no one is watching sign

I do love me some signs and this new spin on an old sign certainly made me smile.

Girly tool kit

It always makes me laugh when I find little pink girly tool kits. I’ve owned a few over the years, but my tool box/bag has evolved. When I spotted this one in Bi-mart the other day I chuckled to myself and imagined mine at home. It was a great reminder of how far I’ve come as a DIY Goddess. :D

Project Evolutions

Because DIY is never done.

Tool bin with decoupage organizers and jars for organization

DIY Goddess’s Toolbox

For years I’ve hauled around my tools in a bucket of some kind or another, but if you know me, you know that I want organization and functionality and, if possible, LABELS ON ALL OF THE THINGS!

I recently picked up this tool bin for $4. Then after a massive sort and organization of all our tools and hardware (my brain still hurts thinking about all those nails and screws and….) I finally moved into it!

I also added some DIY organizers I made. Those are toilet paper tubes and cereal box bottoms decoupaged with red fabric. Maybe I should paint the box pink? Just to be safe? ;)

Notebook to organize all my custom DIY designs.

I finally did it! I made a notebook for all my designs! Each area/room in the house has its own tab and there are tabs for various types of projects (picture frames, shelves, storage containers). It’s also a great place to keep all my blank sheets of design paper (graph, blank, lined).

I goes out to the garage with me and such (it is actually covered in sanding dust, but it is hard to see). The backside has a clear plastic paper holder too, so I can put the design I’m working off in that spot and it has a holder that keeps it protected while I work! It also makes a great little desk while I’m drawing my designs. Super organized and efficient happiness!

DIY bathroom decor A bowl for the pretty rocks

I finally found a bowl worthy of all our pretty rocks in the bathroom! So much more tidy and pleasant!


All natural/organic junk food night

Junk Food!

Hubby had a night out with the boys so the kids and I had a junk food night (please note, most of this is all natural/organic ;) ) Sitting around eating noms with my kiddos, what could be better?

wildflowers in fall

Every spring I plant a line of wild flowers next to the sidewalk in front our house (I love wildflowers and they are so good for the bees and such) Fall is here and everything is dying or going into hibernation for the winter, but my wildflowers are some of the last color in the neighborhood. :D

Alien cliffhanger

The kids and I were cleaning and doing laundry the other night and Spud, our comedian, thought he’d be funny (this inflatable alien is hanging over the edge of the landing. There is a 7 foot drop below him.) I may not have laughed, but I certainly smiled.

DIY little red ridding hood costume DIY little red ridding hood costume DIY little red ridding hood costume

The Teenager wants to be Little Red Riding Hood for Halloween so I MADE her a dress and altered the cape for her. I’m not the best seamstress and last years Tiger Goddess dress was a NIGHTMARE, so I am pretty happy with myself and she LOVES it!

Waiting for the pack

There is this magical time of day when the pets KNOW that soon everyone (else) will be home! Our Dobby dog gets in trouble if he, obsessively, stares out the window for them, (because he barks at EVERYONE who walks by…) so he waits right here, often sitting at attention staring at the door. This day he was entertaining himself with one of the Teenager’s socks while he waited. Dobby loves socks? Imagine that…. ;) Also note the Fattykins cat is also waiting patiently on the stairs. Sammy cat is probably nearby too, but he and Dobby torment each other so he is keeping his distance.

These guys always make me smile!

sand, sand, sand, sand My precious sand, sand, sand, sand

I can get a bit focused/obsessed with my projects and this week was no exception. One night I was out in the garage doing some hand sanding until late. Poor Hubby came to check on me and that is pretty much what he found…. We had a good laugh though. It is really the little silly moments that make the best memories. <3

DIY box

It has been a super frustrating week with my projects, but it is true that you have to know failure to appreciate the successes. This was one of those moments: when a project is just going right and comes out better than you imagined it could. It is not finished yet, but I MADE THAT!! I cut the handle out and everything! This also, MAY have been what I was, so obsessively, sanding when Hubby walked in on me ;)

new, shiny and red

My much loved and long used electric hand mixer died this week (I have a feeling it was murdered and then placed back in the cabinet with hopes that no one would notice, but I’m still investigating….) However, its demise has inspired a flurry of research and shopping for a replacement! It is gonna my Christmas and birthday gift this year, but I’m getting something new and shiny and RED!! Now I just need to do a bit of negotiating with my kitchen and find a place for it….

Happy Friday! Hope your week was as wonderful as mine!

Happy Friday: Things That Made Me Smile This Week!

Once again it is Friday, the week has flown by and I, somehow, feel like I’ve got nothing done! I must have though, because my little kingdom is still running and I have several projects in the works. Always a good sign!

Enjoy the smiles from this past week!

Project Inspirations

I’m happy to say that I had MANY great project inspirations this week, but as most were for projects I’m currently working on and will soon be writing whole posts on; I will save those ones for later. I do however have one I can share.

Lack Hack

This is an awesome shelf I found on Pinterest that is a great Lack shelf hack. I LOVE these shelves and have wanted to acquire a few for quite some time, but now I CAN BUILD THEM! Too awesome!

Random Finds


Yet another “All the drawers!” find. I found a whole website where they build these and other upcycled and salvaged furniture. Super smiles!

DIY gun

This one is going on my Christmas list. It’s called a Semi-Automatic driver. It is a 4 volt cordless 6 bit revolver style driver. Basically you load your bits (Philips, flat head, hex, etc.) into it and then caulk back the housing to load the bit you want! SO COOL!!

Sunflower welcome

New pretty sign I found on the clearance rack at the craft store. I love Fall and I love signs. :D

Some people look for a beautiful place. Others make a place beautiful sign

My current sign

A few years back Hubby and I found this sign at Real Deals. It exemplifies us and our home in so many ways that we had to get it. It is one of the first things you see when you enter our home and we couldn’t be happier with it. This week I found its sister and I may have to buy it (or build it). It is just SO ME!

Being creative is not a hobby it is a way of life

The sister sign

Project Evolutions

Because DIY is never done!

I have discovered a new facet of project evolutions: they happen without me even realizing it. As we all know, I have AD/HD and I often start a project and don’t get it finished before I start another project. (though I have gotten WAY better at not doing this in recent years). The same rule seems to hold true with finishing projects.

For example: I may paint a room, but not do the touch-ups and then move onto something else. Then one day, weeks or months later, I will walk into that room and decide today is the day for the touch-ups and an hour later they will be done.

Additionally, sometimes, it is simply a matter of waiting to find just the right thing (vase, container, frame, piece of furniture) or inspiration to finish a project or space. It might be 6 months down the road before I find it, bring it home, alter it (if needed) and finally finish a project.

Sometimes, I add that last piece or last brush stroke and then a day or two later I walk into the room and realize: it is finished. HOLY COW! I finished it and I didn’t even know it!! This is such a common phenomenon for me, that my project evolutions for these posts are actually a couple weeks behind because I finish things and don’t even realize it. LOL!

On that note: here is one project evolution this week, that I finished last week (or maybe the week before ;) )

Glass vinegar bottle for dish soap

Keeping with my theme of jars and glass for the kitchen, I made this soap dispenser of sorts for my pretty new kitchen. I found the idea on Pinterest (of course), but altered the idea a bit. I used black nail polish to paint on the words (I happened to have a black fine tip detailer bottle of polish, the kind you’d use to paint little designs on your nails. I rarely, if ever, paint my nails, but I keep the stuff around for the Teenager or if the mood strikes me) This method of painting the bottle actually worked really well, because if I made a mistake, I just put some polish remover on a q-tip and erased it!

This particular bottle has a raised design all over it so it won’t slip out of my hand if the outside gets soapy. I also found that regular dish is a bit too thick to pour easily out of this bottle (like trying to pour ketchup out of a glass bottle), so I have to water it down quite a bit, but I don’t mind and I keep a pump bottle with some soap in it nearby for those quick hand washes. It sure does look nice though!


Dobby ready for a walk

“Mom, can we PLEASE go for a walk now? I am so excited I can barley contain it! Seriously, stop taking my picture and LET’S GO!!”

Our Dobby dog wearing his “purple scarf”. His doggie bags hang out and when he is walking, it looks like a lovely purple scarf trailing off him. :)

Glow in the dark bands

I took my Teenager to the orthodontist this week and I convinced her to get glow-in-the-dark bands put on. Last night we spent a good 20 minutes shining a flashlight in her mouth to charge them up and then quick turned off the lights trying to get a photo of them glowing. It didn’t work, but I have this lovely black image to remember it by ;)

Girly chocolate

I broke into my stash of special chocolate one afternoon so the Teenager and I could enjoy some girly time watching Once Upon a Time before the boys got home <3

girly in the sunroof

The Teenager hanging out my sunroof on a sunny fall day flagging down her brother after Cross Country practice. Spud was so envious of this, that I let him “flag down” Hubby when we went to pick him up from work.

That’s it for the smiles this week. Remember to always look for the good things in life. There are more of them than you think!

Happy Friday: Things that made me smile this week!

This week seems to have just flown by! It is Friday already and I feel like I’ve gotten nothing done! However, the house is clean and the laundry is caught up. I guess it was a catch-up week after being sick, finishing the kitchen shelf, and some more of the crafty and crap sort. Regardless, it has been a great week! Enjoy the smiles!

Project Inspirations

 Potato storage

I’ve been a bit focused on getting my kitchen squared away and finding a home for EVERYTHING. This image has inspired an idea! We shall see where it takes me.

Dog food and pet storage

I’ve seen many versions of this and as our dog’s food and water is currently in mismatched bowls resting on a towel … this is inspired! I am not sure I have the time for a project of this magnitude right now, but it is simmering in the back of my mind….

Tool organizer

This is AWESOME!! One of my more recent category finds on Pinterest is WOODWORKING! There are some seriously amazing projects on there. More amazing than anything I find in DIY or Crafts. Again, I probably don’t have time or energy for anything like this right now, but it has given me a fountain of ideas for organizing the garage and all our tools!

Random Finds

So many drawers

Many years ago, in an attempt to help Hubby understand me a little better, I told him: I’m the kind of person who is happiest with a bucket full of random buttons that need sorted (Yup, throw some OCD on my AD/HD fire!) I am super detail oriented, love to sort, organize, make pretty, add labels or otherwise streamline ALL OF THE THINGS! Whenever I find a cabinet or piece of furniture or built-in with ALL OF THE DRAWERS like this: it makes me SO HAPPY! Think of all the things I could sort and put into those drawers!! I am weird. I know. But, it is good kind of weird ;)

Paintable gnomes

This one was a big smile. I found these at Home Depot the other day and I seem to have a new obsession for unique garden Gnomes (I only own one and it is a ninja … just for the record) It was really hard not to buy these, not only because they are AWESOME, but because you get to PAINT THEM!! I do love to paint… Gnomes + Paint = me spending WAY too much time thinking about these, but all that thinking does make me smile.

martini glass

I’m gonna be super honest for a minute and my serious nerdiness is gonna show. I apologize in advance.

I found this on Pinterest last night and, literally, squealed with delight. I think Hubby thought I was having a fit or something. When I showed him, he rolled his eyes LOL! It is a Jar/Glass that I DON’T HAVE!! It was titled “redneck martini glass”, but I could care less about the redneck part: I just LOVE the jar part! Seriously, I need one (or two) of these to complete my collection! :D

Project Evolutions

Because DIY is never done!

I don’t actually have any this week. I did work on a bunch of things, I researched and shopped and contemplated, but I didn’t complete anything worth sharing. Don’t worry though! Next week, I will have MANY.



Do you remember these? I do. They were super popular when I was a teenager and one of my favorite shampoo/conditioners ever! I recently found these at the store and had to buy them; just because I could. I’m happy to report that they are the Teenagers “favorite shampoo ever!” You can’t imagine how much this made me smile. Hubby even recognized the smell and commented that he remembered and liked it. Ah nostalgia, you never fail bring the warm fuzzies.

DIY homemaker heaven

Bed, Bath, and Beyond in the same complex with Starbucks. What girl could ask for more? Not to mention the next business complex over has one of my favorite hardware stores! Susie Homemaker DIY Goddess Heaven!!

coffee love starbucks

When Bed, Bath, and Beyond didn’t have what I needed for a project, I cheered myself up with Starbucks. Always a good day!

Pumpkin cinnamon rolls

Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls! Need I say more? :D

Spuds name

This seems to be the week for nostalgia. My Spud was doing homework at the table the other night with a snack. When Hubby and I picked up the table later that night, we found this. So reminiscent of when he was little and would write his name on EVERYTHING (the walls, my desk, the dining room cabinets…) Every once in awhile I find a new place he once put his mark on (normally written backwards so I know it was from a long time ago) This really made me smile. I guess it is good to be reminded that the little boy is still in there somewhere and that he HAS learned a thing or two over the years, i.e. writing my name on the furniture: big no-no. Writing my name on Crunchy Curls: a-okay!

Bath fun hiding place

I guess my middle schooler wants to hide the fact that he still likes to play with toys in the bath (who doesn’t?) I found these “scuba diver army men” and what Spud likes to use as the bathtub drain plug, hidden under one of the cabinets in the bathroom. To get this photo I had to get down on the floor and use the flash on my camera, but it was totally worth it ;)

Beautiful day for a race

Spud Cross Country

 My Spud running Cross Country and doing well at it!

This one is big for me. My son suffers from AD/HD and a severe anxiety disorder. In the past he has not been able to handle playing sports, going to camps, sitting through a whole day at school or even sleeping over at Grandma’s house. He’s even had days where a 20 minute car ride was too much for him. We’ve made so much progress the last few years that I am finally starting to feel like he is thriving! He is doing well in middle school, making friends and even being responsible for things around the house! Watching him do well at Cross Country and enjoy himself is a major milestone for us! This guy gave me a lot of smiles this week, but they were due ;)

Happy Mess

I was standing in my downstairs, folding the umpteenth basket of laundry, hollering across the house at my kids to come put their clothes away when I looked up and saw this mess on the stairs and all over the floor (dirty laundry waiting to make it into the washer). It just made me smile and I stopped to take a photo. I have a busy, bustling, and happy household. There are clothes to wash, food to prepare, and kids to holler at. A good life indeed!

Happy Friday everyone! Hope you enjoy your week!