Closet Fix and Biennial “Craft and Crap” Sort

This weekend I went into “hardcore” laundry mode. (Have a chuckle, but no matter how hard I try, laundry always piles up and I have to take a couple days and get it all knocked out: Hardcore laundry mode!

However, upon walking into Hubby and I’s room yesterday to gather laundry, my brain just started screaming and before I could take a “before” photo, I had already torn apart half the closet and started hauling all the storage containers and such into the dining room.

I only spent a couple hours working on the closet, but there is a quick story behind this stupid closet. When we bought this house there were huge dark closet doors and dark trim and one long dowel with a dark shelf on top. Before we even moved in, we gutted ALL THAT and pitched it into the dump trailer along with all the carpet and mouldings. Behold: bare walls and NO CLOSET.

As a “temporary solution” we installed one 6 ft dowel and a shelf right in the middle of this closet (yep, it ran behind that post thingy), added a dresser and that was IT! We had no other closet space (Hubby used the dresser and I have all 6 drawers under our king sized captains bed). That was 7 years ago… and the rest of this 11 ft closet has been used for storage of anything I didn’t want to put in the garage (i.e. all the containers I hauled off to the dining room earlier)



All that was bad enough, but because of our “lack of storage” Hubby’s dresser was constantly “a pile” of clothes that drove me NUTS! I understand (and appreciate) that men can wear the same item of clothing multiple times, but leaving all those worn items in a heap on the dresser hurts my brain! (Is it clean? Is it dirty? Should I wash it anyway? Should I put them away? GAH!)

So yesterday, I stripped the closet, went to Bi Mart, purchased this lovely cube storage unit and drawers, and a 3ft dowel. $70 to make me feel sane in my own room: money well spent!

Hubby helped me hang the new, shorter dowel on his side (notice it is higher than the one on my side) and then helped me reposition the old dowel and shelf on my side. We had to trim some length off both the rod and shelf to make them fit on my side, but it wasn’t anything we couldn’t handle with a hacksaw and our trusty chop saw.

Then I found a stud and mounted the dresser to the wall (it was kinda tipsy) and then mounted the cube shelf to the dresser. We moved Hubby’s socks and such into the cube drawers so the dresser could be delegate for just pants and he could rummage through them with ease. This also comes with the added bonus that he will no longer be tempted to “pile” clothing items ON the dresser. :D

VOILA! A brand new (and sane) closet. AND, for the first time in 7 years, we each have our OWN closet space!

The Leftovers

Remember all those containers I hauled out?

To be sorted...

Crafty and Crap

Yeah, that’s a 9 foot long counter… This area used to be our dining room before “our great wall” came down (I will do a future post about that) and it had this wonderful, but very dated, buffet counter in it. Since then the buffet has become my crafty area… Or rather: that place where I make a mess (yeah, there is plastic still taped to it from a previous project among other things).

Anyway, once about every 2 years I accumulate a massive pile of crafty and crap that needs to be sorted, organized and found a home. Keep in mind that all of this has already been sorted through at least twice. There is no trash (though, Hubby may disagree…) or any items that need to be donated. This is all crafty stuff (fabric, saved cardboard boxes, yarn, art paper), office and school supplies (Notebooks, spirals, paper pads, folders and such), and other misc. stuff that just needs a home and I’ve been too busy to deal with. This particular pile has about 100 coloring books, as my kids have gotten a bit old for them, some puzzles, a bunch of things that are keepsakes, and a big box of stuff from the old bathroom that didn’t find a home in the new bathroom. WHEW!!

Yep, all that was in our closet… AND it is NOT going back in!

Wish me luck and stay tuned for any inventive or unique storage ideas I may devise.

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