Crafty and Crap: Fabric and Yarn sort

Yesterday, I took a break from blogging to get some sorting and organizing done from that MASSIVE pile that came out of my closet earlier in the week. In an attempt to reduce the pile as much as possible I, first, tackled the stuff taking up the most space: Fabric and yarn.

My previous attempt to “organize and store” them

After doing some research I decided to repurpose these drawers and this file crate to help make things more accessible and, just maybe, have them take up less space. That big box is nothing but fabric and has been taking up residence in my Spud’s closet for a number of years (My closet hadn’t been the only one suffering…)

So all that is going to find a home in these two:

Drawers that used to store all my office supplies and an old file crate

So I got to work and the first thing I had to do was clean these things. They hadn’t been used in quite some time and were quite dusty (not to mention “splattered” a bit thanks to kids and animals.) Once they were clean with all their various stickers removed (about an hour) I began the sort.

Skeins of yarn went right into one of the drawers and fabric was sorted by size. I also ended up with a pile of unfinished yarn projects, unfinished quilting projects and unfinished sewing projects (Did I mention that I have AD/HD?).

The fabric scraps were were sorted by size:

The largest scraps were folded and hung over filing folders in the crate (you cut the folder in half at the bottom so each piece hangs independently)


Any pieces not large enough to hang over a folder were sorted into one of the drawers based on size. Doing this will enable me to see exactly what I have for any given project. The smallest pieces will probably only be good for decoupage projects, the medium pieces are large enough to make a quilt square and the large pieces (that weren’t big enough to go in the file sorter) have their own drawer as well.

I also ended up with a drawer for notions (elastic, lace, and trim pieces) and another drawer for that foamy “no skid” stuff. The top drawer had long been delegated for furniture pad feet thingys (but that was pretty much all I was using the drawers for before this project), so they kept their drawer. I worked out pretty well.


Lastly I folded the “incomplete” quilting and crochet projects into their own bins and added the sewing ones to a basket I keep for clothes that need repaired and such.


I should also note that I threw away about two trash bags worth of scraps and such. I am a hoarder at heart so that was hard, but in this case it actually felt pretty good. It was all “crap” anyway.

I am pretty happy with myself. Now I just have to figure out WHERE to store all these organized bins and drawers….

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