DIY Hell…

It has only been a couple weeks since we finished our bathroom remodel (I know, I still haven’t finished posting about it…), and the kids just went back to school. So, yesterday with everyone gone I found myself, alone in a house, that had been hit by the DIY tornado…

We all know what that looks like… tools, paint, cut up bits of paper, bottles of glue, jars of markers, paint brushes, rolls of tape, drawings of plans, print outs of ideas, half finished ideas, and just general mess and disorder that has accumulated while you were busy with your latest project: DIY HELL.

I am not gonna lie, despite my best efforts, I’m so bad at keeping up with the DIY clutter. In fact, it was SO BAD after our bathroom upgrade that I called my mom and cried asking her to come help me get the house back in order and give me a, much needed, break from the kids. She is awesome and came right over, put the kids to work, did an amazing job getting my chores caught up and then gave me the afternoon off, but that wasn’t even the end of it. Just a few days later I had a total melt down at Hubby because I was just overwhelmed with all the clutter from our bathroom project still being all over the house. He was awesome and we gathered it all up, hauled it out to the garage and power cleaned the whole house ¬†back to sanity level (He really is my Rockstar). However, I still need to go out to the garage and put it all AWAY, not just leave it, in a heap, in the garage….

Even with all that done, there are still little heaps of DIY mess all over the house (They hide, I swear, they do).

So this is me, yesterday, standing in the middle of my house, my house I’ve worked so hard to upgrade, maintain, organize, make efficient, decorate, and otherwise make a HOME …. and all I can think is: I am in DIY Hell.

My solution:

We all take these beautiful, organized and clean looking photos of our projects, but if you are like me (and I suspect most of you are), there is a SERIOUS mess hiding just outside the range of that camera lense… So from now on, I am going to take pictures of those ridiculous messes and do an occasion post with all my DIY hell photos.

Why hide it? We all know it’s there… Why not embrace it and share what DIY is REALLY like?

To get it started, enjoy some pics of our Bathroom DIY mess. ENJOY!


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