Eggs. Stir. Make.

Since I JUST started this blog and seem to be rather prolific with my projects … I have quite a staggering backlog of things I want to share. So, I decided I would take a few minutes and get some of the smaller ones knocked out.

(Just FYI, you may find an absurd amount of references from Doctor Who, Harry Potter, and a hundred other nerdy Pop Culture things. Enjoy them, but really they are just to make the geeky Hubby smile when he pokes around my blog ;p )

Deviled eggs! Who doesn’t love these evil little bites of heaven? These are just your typical recipe deviled eggs that I made a for a Holiday Party a few years back. I used a pastry bag and tip to make the yolks look festive. Then for an extra bit of cheer, I put each egg in a mini cupcake cup!

I can’t believe I didn’t think of this before! At parties we shake hands, hug people and wipe the noses and faces of our little ones. These little cups look great and allow us to enjoy a quick snack without running to the sink for the 100th time to wash our hands first. Genius!

Deviled eggs in mini cupcake cups holiday

Bacon! Bacon! Bacon!

Who doesn’t love bacon? Hubby and I have this amazing group of friends and when we get together, bacon is ALWAYS on the menu (last year they smoked a turkey wrapped in bacon for the holiday party!), So, I am always on the prowl for cool bacon recipes!

I made these little pork covered morsels last year and they were a HUGE hit! I went looking for the recipe I used to make these and I couldn’t find it … BUT this recipe is very similar. ENJOY!

By the way … that is my egg plate INSIDE my cupcake taker. Worked perfectly for transporting these little noms!

Bacon deviled eggs in cupcake taker






































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