Happy Friday: Things that made me smile this week!

This week seems to have just flown by! It is Friday already and I feel like I’ve gotten nothing done! However, the house is clean and the laundry is caught up. I guess it was a catch-up week after being sick, finishing the kitchen shelf, and some more of the crafty and crap sort. Regardless, it has been a great week! Enjoy the smiles!

Project Inspirations

 Potato storage

I’ve been a bit focused on getting my kitchen squared away and finding a home for EVERYTHING. This image has inspired an idea! We shall see where it takes me.

Dog food and pet storage

I’ve seen many versions of this and as our dog’s food and water is currently in mismatched bowls resting on a towel … this is inspired! I am not sure I have the time for a project of this magnitude right now, but it is simmering in the back of my mind….

Tool organizer

This is AWESOME!! One of my more recent category finds on Pinterest is WOODWORKING! There are some seriously amazing projects on there. More amazing than anything I find in DIY or Crafts. Again, I probably don’t have time or energy for anything like this right now, but it has given me a fountain of ideas for organizing the garage and all our tools!

Random Finds

So many drawers

Many years ago, in an attempt to help Hubby understand me a little better, I told him: I’m the kind of person who is happiest with a bucket full of random buttons that need sorted (Yup, throw some OCD on my AD/HD fire!) I am super detail oriented, love to sort, organize, make pretty, add labels or otherwise streamline ALL OF THE THINGS! Whenever I find a cabinet or piece of furniture or built-in with ALL OF THE DRAWERS like this: it makes me SO HAPPY! Think of all the things I could sort and put into those drawers!! I am weird. I know. But, it is good kind of weird ;)

Paintable gnomes

This one was a big smile. I found these at Home Depot the other day and I seem to have a new obsession for unique garden Gnomes (I only own one and it is a ninja … just for the record) It was really hard not to buy these, not only because they are AWESOME, but because you get to PAINT THEM!! I do love to paint… Gnomes + Paint = me spending WAY too much time thinking about these, but all that thinking does make me smile.

martini glass

I’m gonna be super honest for a minute and my serious nerdiness is gonna show. I apologize in advance.

I found this on Pinterest last night and, literally, squealed with delight. I think Hubby thought I was having a fit or something. When I showed him, he rolled his eyes LOL! It is a Jar/Glass that I DON’T HAVE!! It was titled “redneck martini glass”, but I could care less about the redneck part: I just LOVE the jar part! Seriously, I need one (or two) of these to complete my collection! :D

Project Evolutions

Because DIY is never done!

I don’t actually have any this week. I did work on a bunch of things, I researched and shopped and contemplated, but I didn’t complete anything worth sharing. Don’t worry though! Next week, I will have MANY.



Do you remember these? I do. They were super popular when I was a teenager and one of my favorite shampoo/conditioners ever! I recently found these at the store and had to buy them; just because I could. I’m happy to report that they are the Teenagers “favorite shampoo ever!” You can’t imagine how much this made me smile. Hubby even recognized the smell and commented that he remembered and liked it. Ah nostalgia, you never fail bring the warm fuzzies.

DIY homemaker heaven

Bed, Bath, and Beyond in the same complex with Starbucks. What girl could ask for more? Not to mention the next business complex over has one of my favorite hardware stores! Susie Homemaker DIY Goddess Heaven!!

coffee love starbucks

When Bed, Bath, and Beyond didn’t have what I needed for a project, I cheered myself up with Starbucks. Always a good day!

Pumpkin cinnamon rolls

Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls! Need I say more? :D

Spuds name

This seems to be the week for nostalgia. My Spud was doing homework at the table the other night with a snack. When Hubby and I picked up the table later that night, we found this. So reminiscent of when he was little and would write his name on EVERYTHING (the walls, my desk, the dining room cabinets…) Every once in awhile I find a new place he once put his mark on (normally written backwards so I know it was from a long time ago) This really made me smile. I guess it is good to be reminded that the little boy is still in there somewhere and that he HAS learned a thing or two over the years, i.e. writing my name on the furniture: big no-no. Writing my name on Crunchy Curls: a-okay!

Bath fun hiding place

I guess my middle schooler wants to hide the fact that he still likes to play with toys in the bath (who doesn’t?) I found these “scuba diver army men” and what Spud likes to use as the bathtub drain plug, hidden under one of the cabinets in the bathroom. To get this photo I had to get down on the floor and use the flash on my camera, but it was totally worth it ;)

Beautiful day for a race

Spud Cross Country

 My Spud running Cross Country and doing well at it!

This one is big for me. My son suffers from AD/HD and a severe anxiety disorder. In the past he has not been able to handle playing sports, going to camps, sitting through a whole day at school or even sleeping over at Grandma’s house. He’s even had days where a 20 minute car ride was too much for him. We’ve made so much progress the last few years that I am finally starting to feel like he is thriving! He is doing well in middle school, making friends and even being responsible for things around the house! Watching him do well at Cross Country and enjoy himself is a major milestone for us! This guy gave me a lot of smiles this week, but they were due ;)

Happy Mess

I was standing in my downstairs, folding the umpteenth basket of laundry, hollering across the house at my kids to come put their clothes away when I looked up and saw this mess on the stairs and all over the floor (dirty laundry waiting to make it into the washer). It just made me smile and I stopped to take a photo. I have a busy, bustling, and happy household. There are clothes to wash, food to prepare, and kids to holler at. A good life indeed!

Happy Friday everyone! Hope you enjoy your week!

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