Happy Friday: Things That Made Me Smile This Week!

Once again it is Friday, the week has flown by and I, somehow, feel like I’ve got nothing done! I must have though, because my little kingdom is still running and I have several projects in the works. Always a good sign!

Enjoy the smiles from this past week!

Project Inspirations

I’m happy to say that I had MANY great project inspirations this week, but as most were for projects I’m currently working on and will soon be writing whole posts on; I will save those ones for later. I do however have one I can share.

Lack Hack

This is an awesome shelf I found on Pinterest that is a great Lack shelf hack. I LOVE these shelves and have wanted to acquire a few for quite some time, but now I CAN BUILD THEM! Too awesome!

Random Finds


Yet another “All the drawers!” find. I found a whole website where they build these and other upcycled and salvaged furniture. Super smiles!

DIY gun

This one is going on my Christmas list. It’s called a Semi-Automatic driver. It is a 4 volt cordless 6 bit revolver style driver. Basically you load your bits (Philips, flat head, hex, etc.) into it and then caulk back the housing to load the bit you want! SO COOL!!

Sunflower welcome

New pretty sign I found on the clearance rack at the craft store. I love Fall and I love signs. :D

Some people look for a beautiful place. Others make a place beautiful sign

My current sign

A few years back Hubby and I found this sign at Real Deals. It exemplifies us and our home in so many ways that we had to get it. It is one of the first things you see when you enter our home and we couldn’t be happier with it. This week I found its sister and I may have to buy it (or build it). It is just SO ME!

Being creative is not a hobby it is a way of life

The sister sign

Project Evolutions

Because DIY is never done!

I have discovered a new facet of project evolutions: they happen without me even realizing it. As we all know, I have AD/HD and I often start a project and don’t get it finished before I start another project. (though I have gotten WAY better at not doing this in recent years). The same rule seems to hold true with finishing projects.

For example: I may paint a room, but not do the touch-ups and then move onto something else. Then one day, weeks or months later, I will walk into that room and decide today is the day for the touch-ups and an hour later they will be done.

Additionally, sometimes, it is simply a matter of waiting to find just the right thing (vase, container, frame, piece of furniture) or inspiration to finish a project or space. It might be 6 months down the road before I find it, bring it home, alter it (if needed) and finally finish a project.

Sometimes, I add that last piece or last brush stroke and then a day or two later I walk into the room and realize: it is finished. HOLY COW! I finished it and I didn’t even know it!! This is such a common phenomenon for me, that my project evolutions for these posts are actually a couple weeks behind because I finish things and don’t even realize it. LOL!

On that note: here is one project evolution this week, that I finished last week (or maybe the week before ;) )

Glass vinegar bottle for dish soap

Keeping with my theme of jars and glass for the kitchen, I made this soap dispenser of sorts for my pretty new kitchen. I found the idea on Pinterest (of course), but altered the idea a bit. I used black nail polish to paint on the words (I happened to have a black fine tip detailer bottle of polish, the kind you’d use to paint little designs on your nails. I rarely, if ever, paint my nails, but I keep the stuff around for the Teenager or if the mood strikes me) This method of painting the bottle actually worked really well, because if I made a mistake, I just put some polish remover on a q-tip and erased it!

This particular bottle has a raised design all over it so it won’t slip out of my hand if the outside gets soapy. I also found that regular dish is a bit too thick to pour easily out of this bottle (like trying to pour ketchup out of a glass bottle), so I have to water it down quite a bit, but I don’t mind and I keep a pump bottle with some soap in it nearby for those quick hand washes. It sure does look nice though!


Dobby ready for a walk

“Mom, can we PLEASE go for a walk now? I am so excited I can barley contain it! Seriously, stop taking my picture and LET’S GO!!”

Our Dobby dog wearing his “purple scarf”. His doggie bags hang out and when he is walking, it looks like a lovely purple scarf trailing off him. :)

Glow in the dark bands

I took my Teenager to the orthodontist this week and I convinced her to get glow-in-the-dark bands put on. Last night we spent a good 20 minutes shining a flashlight in her mouth to charge them up and then quick turned off the lights trying to get a photo of them glowing. It didn’t work, but I have this lovely black image to remember it by ;)

Girly chocolate

I broke into my stash of special chocolate one afternoon so the Teenager and I could enjoy some girly time watching Once Upon a Time before the boys got home <3

girly in the sunroof

The Teenager hanging out my sunroof on a sunny fall day flagging down her brother after Cross Country practice. Spud was so envious of this, that I let him “flag down” Hubby when we went to pick him up from work.

That’s it for the smiles this week. Remember to always look for the good things in life. There are more of them than you think!

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