Happy Friday: Things That Made Me Smile This Week #4

Happy Friday everyone! It has been such a busy and trying week, but I have lots to share!


Project Inspirations

Firewood box2 Firewood box

With winter coming on, this idea got me excited. Such a cool firewood storage box with a cubby on top to store paper and kindling. Looks like it would be a pretty simple build too!


Set a QR code for your Wi-Fi password.

It is hard to remember sometimes, what with all the DIY building and Susie Homemakering and such, but Hubby is a HUGE IT nerd and we are a house full of techies. Hubby is amazing and we actually have a network set up just for Wi-Fi to the computers and another just for Wi-Fi to everyones phones. Too bad I can never remember the password when guest come calling… This is a GENIUS idea!! I will have to get Hubby on it ASAP! ;)


I LOVE this! Bar in a computer cabinet: WANT!

I imagine when you close the doors it just looks like a nice cabinet with wine storage at the bottom. Perhaps a birthday or anniversary gift for the Hubby someday?

Random Finds

Eat like no one is watching sign

I do love me some signs and this new spin on an old sign certainly made me smile.

Girly tool kit

It always makes me laugh when I find little pink girly tool kits. I’ve owned a few over the years, but my tool box/bag has evolved. When I spotted this one in Bi-mart the other day I chuckled to myself and imagined mine at home. It was a great reminder of how far I’ve come as a DIY Goddess. :D

Project Evolutions

Because DIY is never done.

Tool bin with decoupage organizers and jars for organization

DIY Goddess’s Toolbox

For years I’ve hauled around my tools in a bucket of some kind or another, but if you know me, you know that I want organization and functionality and, if possible, LABELS ON ALL OF THE THINGS!

I recently picked up this tool bin for $4. Then after a massive sort and organization of all our tools and hardware (my brain still hurts thinking about all those nails and screws and….) I finally moved into it!

I also added some DIY organizers I made. Those are toilet paper tubes and cereal box bottoms decoupaged with red fabric. Maybe I should paint the box pink? Just to be safe? ;)

Notebook to organize all my custom DIY designs.

I finally did it! I made a notebook for all my designs! Each area/room in the house has its own tab and there are tabs for various types of projects (picture frames, shelves, storage containers). It’s also a great place to keep all my blank sheets of design paper (graph, blank, lined).

I goes out to the garage with me and such (it is actually covered in sanding dust, but it is hard to see). The backside has a clear plastic paper holder too, so I can put the design I’m working off in that spot and it has a holder that keeps it protected while I work! It also makes a great little desk while I’m drawing my designs. Super organized and efficient happiness!

DIY bathroom decor A bowl for the pretty rocks

I finally found a bowl worthy of all our pretty rocks in the bathroom! So much more tidy and pleasant!


All natural/organic junk food night

Junk Food!

Hubby had a night out with the boys so the kids and I had a junk food night (please note, most of this is all natural/organic ;) ) Sitting around eating noms with my kiddos, what could be better?

wildflowers in fall

Every spring I plant a line of wild flowers next to the sidewalk in front our house (I love wildflowers and they are so good for the bees and such) Fall is here and everything is dying or going into hibernation for the winter, but my wildflowers are some of the last color in the neighborhood. :D

Alien cliffhanger

The kids and I were cleaning and doing laundry the other night and Spud, our comedian, thought he’d be funny (this inflatable alien is hanging over the edge of the landing. There is a 7 foot drop below him.) I may not have laughed, but I certainly smiled.

DIY little red ridding hood costume DIY little red ridding hood costume DIY little red ridding hood costume

The Teenager wants to be Little Red Riding Hood for Halloween so I MADE her a dress and altered the cape for her. I’m not the best seamstress and last years Tiger Goddess dress was a NIGHTMARE, so I am pretty happy with myself and she LOVES it!

Waiting for the pack

There is this magical time of day when the pets KNOW that soon everyone (else) will be home! Our Dobby dog gets in trouble if he, obsessively, stares out the window for them, (because he barks at EVERYONE who walks by…) so he waits right here, often sitting at attention staring at the door. This day he was entertaining himself with one of the Teenager’s socks while he waited. Dobby loves socks? Imagine that…. ;) Also note the Fattykins cat is also waiting patiently on the stairs. Sammy cat is probably nearby too, but he and Dobby torment each other so he is keeping his distance.

These guys always make me smile!

sand, sand, sand, sand My precious sand, sand, sand, sand

I can get a bit focused/obsessed with my projects and this week was no exception. One night I was out in the garage doing some hand sanding until late. Poor Hubby came to check on me and that is pretty much what he found…. We had a good laugh though. It is really the little silly moments that make the best memories. <3

DIY box

It has been a super frustrating week with my projects, but it is true that you have to know failure to appreciate the successes. This was one of those moments: when a project is just going right and comes out better than you imagined it could. It is not finished yet, but I MADE THAT!! I cut the handle out and everything! This also, MAY have been what I was, so obsessively, sanding when Hubby walked in on me ;)

new, shiny and red

My much loved and long used electric hand mixer died this week (I have a feeling it was murdered and then placed back in the cabinet with hopes that no one would notice, but I’m still investigating….) However, its demise has inspired a flurry of research and shopping for a replacement! It is gonna my Christmas and birthday gift this year, but I’m getting something new and shiny and RED!! Now I just need to do a bit of negotiating with my kitchen and find a place for it….

Happy Friday! Hope your week was as wonderful as mine!

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