Happy Friday: Things That Made Me Smile This Week #5

Happy Friday everyone! I know I am a couple weeks behind on these posts, but it has been BUSY! So many awesome things to share! Let’s get to it!

Project Inspirations

Tissue holder

Such a cool idea to use glass cylinder vase to hold the extra TP. Perhaps this would look amazing in my new bathroom?

Kitty bed

I am always looking for ways to make the cats feel comfy. Not to mention ways to keep them off certain furniture and every single piece of clothing that gets left around the house. Such a great idea!

Tool box stool

A tool box stool! I think there may be an upgrade for “MY box” in the future…

Random Finds

Drawers in the floor shelves

Because no Happy Friday would be complete without some awesome shelves!

Drawer steps

And some amazing drawers!

Project Evolutions

Slide out trash and recycle

I DID IT! After tears, much frustration, loud banging, several exhausted nights, and a bit of Hubby’s help I FINALLY have a slide out trash bin with recycle bag and paper bag storage! Tonight Hubby and I will put the front on it and it will be done! Full post with tutorial coming soon!

Advent calendars Advent calendar

This project is what has been keeping me so busy! Instead of getting all my girlfriends together to decorate cookies, I thought I would share my DIY skills and make everyone an advent calendar! I have several days planned where ladies are coming over to decorate them and the little boxes that go inside. I’ve been hard at work and they are coming out wonderfully!

100 little boxes

So many little boxes! I’ve created a template and printed onto cardstock, cut out, folded and glued together over 150 of these little pretties. This photo has about 100. Whew! Only about 250 more to go!


Pumpkin hunting

Picking out pumpkins with my kiddos (they’ve gotten a bit old for the pumpkin patch…).

Stuck on the pumpkin Pumpkin brains!

Carving pumpkins with my kiddos! I taped the teenager to her pumpkin while helping her with her stencil and pumpkin brains are always good for the best grossed out faces!


They came out pretty good too.

Left to right: Spud, Teenager, mine, and Hubby’s.

The pretty mixer

I finally got my new mixer! Hubby and I gathered the kids in the kitchen (not that we all fit…) for the inaugural launch of this beauty. Our first recipe? Make-ahead bacon breakfast biscuits! I’ve got a beautiful glass bowl coming for it, but it will probably end up under the tree so I have something to unwrap (this is my Christmas AND birthday present this year and I couldn’t be happier!)

Happy Friday hair

Last, but not least: Happy Friday morning hair! It takes talent to roll out of bed looking this beautiful, but I do it with style, grace and lots of little painful noises. It’s hard work being a Goddess!

That’s all I got! Happy Friday!

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