Happy Friday: Things That Made Me Smile This Week! #6

Happy Black Friday everyone!

No, I’m not out shopping today. In fact, I’m enjoying a much needed break today. In the past few weeks I’ve built 15 Advent Calendars, printed, cut, folded and glued together 375 little boxes and hosted 4 separate decorating events. The last of which was at my family Thanksgiving dinner last night. I am BEAT! WHEW!

However, it was totally worth it and I have lots of smiles to share!

Project Inspirations

I’ve been so busy I’ve not seen many of these, but I did find one worth sharing!

Cookie cutter board

Cookie cutters displayed and organized on a cork board.

I LOVE storing and organizing things in such a way that they can be displayed. Really, it is fast becoming my decorating method of choice LOL! This is such a great idea (if only I had the space!)

DIY gate

Such a cool idea for a pet or baby gate! As someone who is often keeping little ones of varying fuzziness levels contained, I may just use this one! Thanks to The Kim Six Fix DIY Blog! What a great idea!

Random Finds

Jar measuring cups  jar measuring

What Happy Friday post would be complete without at least one jar? This one is awesome AND functional. The separated pieces are measuring cups! Would look amazing on my new kitchen shelf ;) I bet I could make one of these in the color of my choice too…

pretty speaker

Beautiful decorative speaker!

Confession: I’ve found a new website I’m a bit addicted to called Touch of Modern. Sadly, it is mostly “dude stuff”, but there are some amazing and beautiful looking gadgets on there. Not to mention, geeky and dude-ish artwork that I wouldn’t be ashamed to hang in my house… Beauty and function: my bread and butter!

stairs with shelves

We all know I have a thing for shelves and drawers. I don’t know what it is, but I find the right ones are just magical, like exploring them will be an adventure. I really love these gorgeous and functional stairs!

Projects and Evolutions

Sushi rolling mat

My DIY sushi rolling mat!

I made that ;)

For one of my calendar events, I decided to make a mountain of California rolls. I’ve been meaning to invest in a rolling mat and this seemed like an opportune time. However, as often happens… after shopping around, I decided it would just be cheaper/easier to make one myself! Some skewers, a bit of embroidery floss and some Gorilla glue later, and I have my very own sushi rolling mat!

Shortbread cookies

Now that I have an awesome new mixer, I’ve been on a cooking and baking binge. I am happy to report that after 13+ years of marriage, I’ve finally discovered “something sweet” that Hubby likes: Shortbread cookies!

I swear, I’ve made 3 batches of these already and while they are easy to make, I’m amazed by how delicate and difficult the dough is to work with: It just falls apart at the slightest touch… I learned that the hard way though: the first batch I made were stars… it took me an hour to get them all onto the cookie sheet with all their little points intact. The hearts were a lot easier, but I am still experimenting. I’ll let you know when I find the perfect yet attractive shape for shortbread cookies ;)


heater hog

My silly puppy keeping me company while I build calendars.

We had a week of below freezing temps and this heater saved the day! However, it took this guy all of 3 minutes to figure out that there was a “warm spot” over here… In fact, he is so smart, that after a day or two, if we went out to the garage and I didn’t immediately turn on the heater: he would sit in front of it and make little whiny noises at me until I turned it on … SO SMART! And what a BUTT! Oh, and then he would proceed to plant himself right IN FRONT of it and hog all the heat! ROFL!

cats and boxes

My girl (and a couple cats) helping me glue together little boxes. She is a “box squeezer”(once they were glued she’d give them a little squeeze and then they’d dry a bit bowed. I kept telling her not to, but she just couldn’t resist!), but I love her anyway and appreciate all her help!

multi-tasking girl

My girl being helpful again by occupying a little one during one of the calendar decorating events. I love this because she is even multi-tasking: holding the baby AND eating! She is turning 14 in a few weeks and it is good to know those babysitting/mommy skills were inherited ;)

Advent calendars

7 calendars complete with backing and ready to be sanded and finished! These were for my biggest event and having them all complete was SUCH A GREAT FEELING!! GO ME!!


All my wonderful ladies and their beautiful calendars!

This was SO FUN! I need to think of something just as cool (but perhaps not as time consuming…) for next year!

little bro little box

Last, but not least: my little brother and THE box he decorated at our family event. I am #5 of 6 kids in my family and this guy is the only one younger than me and the one closest in age to me. He’s been away in the Air Force for the last few years and has been MISSED. Getting this photo, alone has made all the calendar madness totally worth it! Love you bro! So glad you are back!

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