Happy Friday: Things that made me smile this week!

As this is my first “Happy Friday!” post, I shall explain.

It is so easy to get bogged down in the day to day stresses of life and forget all the good things you have going for you, how wonderful your life truly is and all the little things that make you smile. In an attempt to be a more positive and happy person, I am going to make a point to stop and take photos of all the little things that make me smile and then share them with you on Fridays.

Happy Friday! Enjoy!

Project inspirations I found this week (Yes, these make me smile. BIG TIME!)

I am a Tetris Master (it is also the ONLY videogame I can beat Hubby at) All things Tetris are awesome and belong in my home. I have no idea where I would put such a thing, but I can dream!

I LOVE this, but am not a big quilter… Someone NEEDS to make this for me! Not only is it Tetris, but it looks so snuggly and warm!

Random Finds

I love colors and, evidently, have an obsession with shelves (they have their own Pinterest board) I probably won’t build this, but it made me smile.

I was in Jo-Ann’s Craft and Fabric store the other day and saw a bunch of containers that look like this (didn’t think to snap a photo so I snagged this one of Google images) and even some cool jars that have lids that look like this. I just stood there for a bit and smiled. I am not a big button person or anything, but these are just an awesome idea!

Project Evolutions

Because DIY is never complete.

Bathroom door sign funny

Added these to my bathroom doors, because no bathroom is ever complete without little silhouette people with floating heads doing the pee pee dance on the door.

Jars to hold bathroom extras

Added some functional and beautiful jars to my bathroom. Though, they still need labels. Labels on ALL OF THE THINGS!

The Spud and I have been going through all our rocks (we have A LOT) and have been putting the prettiest ones on this shelf in the bathroom. I thought about putting them in a jar, but pretty rocks should be touched, picked up and experienced. I am on the prowl for a pretty little dish or bowl to display them.

This makes me smile, not only because they are pretty and it something Spud and I have/are doing together, but once in awhile I walk into the bathroom and Spud has added a few rocks or rearranged them. It reminds me how much we are alike and that he cares about me and the things we do together. As he is nearly a teenager, these moments are rare and precious and certainly worthy of a smile.

Shot glass jars

Little shot glass jars! How did I not have these before?!? I found these at the liquor store last week and I just stood there smiling at them. Hubby joined me and convinced me to buy them. I added them to my new shelf and I smile every time I see them.

My new shelf is not for just “functional things”. Hubby bought me this Enterprise pizza cutter years ago (yes, I am a Treky, laugh if you want) and until now it has been kept in the box (it is just too cool to use!), but now it has a home, on display, on my beautiful shelf!

My Mom has six kids (I am number five) and nine grandkids. She is an awesome, creative, and busy lady. As you can imagine, I don’t get a lot of time with her, but she always finds ways to let me know she loves me, listens to me and is thinking of me. These are a few of the things she has given me over the years to show that love. I am so happy they all finally have a worthy home and in a place where I can see them every day, smile, and know I am loved.


Beautiful cat in window

Fattykins: master of sneaking through doors as you walk through them. Caught her in the garage, snapped a picture and couldn’t resist tweaking it just a bit.

Our Dobby lying in his own private hammock, always on the alert and keeping us safe.

Sammy cat, very subtly, begging Hubby for treats….

Then giving up and coming to beg me instead. This guy always makes me smile.

And last, but not least: my Dad taking Spud out for his first ride.

 Happy Friday!

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