I Hate My Kitchen!

I’ve not posted in a few days. I spent some time moving my blog here, to its new home on Blogger! I’ve also been super busy with my latest project. That’s right, I got an amazing idea and postponed the Crafty and Crap sort (AD/HD at its finest!). I not done with this project yet, but I’m so excited I just had to share a bit of it.

For those of you who don’t know, I HATE my kitchen. I don’t use that word lightly, but when you are person like me who likes to cook and bake and run the universe, having a small kitchen is like having one of your legs chopped off when all you wanna do is run marathons.

Don’t get me wrong it is a nice looking kitchen, with all the proper appliances, and a big window above the sink. It just really doesn’t have much functional storage or counter space.

Ever hear the expression “a two butt kitchen”? It means a kitchen that is only big enough for two butts… On a good day when I am happy and everything is wonderful: I, affectionately, refer to my kitchen as “two-and-a-half butts”. On a normal day “I hate my kitchen.” and on a bad day… you don’t wanna know….

Over the years we’ve done a lot to upgrade the kitchen, we took out a wall to make it more open, put in new floors, got all new appliances and hardware, new windows and mouldings, and a new light fixture. I’ve also done my best to utilize what little space I have by adding sliding cabinet racks under the cupboards (I only had 1 they would fit under!!), finding creative ways to utilize the rest of the cabinet space and by hanging as many things as I possibly could on the inside of doors, under the upper cabinets and on the empty ends like this:

Cheese shredder cabinet endPan lid storage cabinet end

As much as I’ve done and as creative as I am, there simply just isn’t enough space. Outside the kitchen I have 2 pantry cabinets (my kitchen has one 30 inch wall cabinet designated for food. That’s it!) I also have, not one, but two decent sized shelves to help me store containers, larger bowls etc. I even have a couple serving dishes that don’t have a home… they just float around my dining room area depending on what surface is being utilized… I HATE MY KITCHEN.

Kitchen window jars cabinet end storage
Spice jar storage window

As much as I love this window (even more so since I added the jars), it is taking up a lot of space that could be used for cabinets or storage. The total width of this space is 58.5 inches. That is A LOT of space that could be used for cabinets and impossibly wide to add shelves to…. until now!

Window shelf materials

My idea has simmered, risen to a boil and overflowed out of mind and onto the page! Designs have been drawn up, materials acquired and construction begun. Another day or two and I may just hate my kitchen a little less! So excited!

More to come!

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