Introductions: Our Little Kingdom

Susie Homemaker: DIY Goddess

My name really is Susie, I have a Bachelor’s degree in Communication, emphasis in Cultures, I’m a published author, busy mom, wife, crafty lady and avid DIYer.

The Hubby

Systems Administrator a.k.a Big IT nerd, Army veteran, health nut, busy dad, husband, and DIYer.


The Teenager a.k.a Girly

Ms. Sassy pants, social butterfly, artist, daughter, big sister and loved by everyone she meets (even her little brother)

The Spud

Middle schooler, science nerd, video game expert, distance runner, little brother, son, and comedian.

The Dobby

Half black lab half border collie, protector of “the ball”, night watchmen (sleeps all day while “his pack” is at school), lover of “all the people” and all around nice guy.

Black lab and border collie mix puppy

The Sammy 

Nightly yowler, true white hunter, family gargoyle, and finder of unique sleeping spots.

Gargoyle cat

The Tipsy a.k.a. Fattykins

Softest kitty ever, excessive fur makes her appear overweight, cranky old lady, and finder of the cuddliest sleeping spots.

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