The Ninjas

Back in the day when I was going to college full time, working part time, taking care of two kids, and holding a house together (basically when I was young and insane) I got my first smartphone! (It was a stupid little Palm Pixi and I still miss it sometimes…) Anyway, I got this cool little app that had backgrounds and this image ended up gracing the screen of my phone for way too long…. In fact, when I finally got a new phone I made a point to transfer the image into it and every time I looked at my phone I got this reassuring message:


To me it meant: You are awesome and whatever it is YOU CAN DO IT!

I gotta say, that image saved me more than a few times during that insane era of my life, but once it passed, I didn’t think much of it until I got a new car. I should clarify: It was used, but it was MINE, just mine and I got to put funny little family stickers on it! I spent an absurd amount of time looking for just the right ones until I happened upon these ninjas being sold on Etsy. They spoke to me. Called out to me from my former absurdly hectic life and I ordered them!

Ninja family car decals


Then came the Ninja Garden Gnome (a gift from Hubby on my 30th birthday)

Ninja garden gnome


Then came the Ninja soliciting sign (I made that, tutorial in later post)

No soliciting sign ninja chocolate


And finally the Ninja family version 2.0! (Had to order new ones when Hubby surprised me with a new car a few months back.)

ninja car decals


I guess it all just reminds me of how far we have come, what we’ve accomplished and that, together, we can accomplish anything. Not a bad family motto and who doesn’t like ninjas?

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